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Unfortunately, many homeowners wait until they are the victim of a break-in or home-invasion robbery before they invest in a custom alarm system to protect their home.  Yet, it has been documented that a home protected by an alarm system is 200-300% less likely to be burglarized.  You may also receive a substantial discount on your homeowner's insurance by installing an alarm system.

At Alarm Plus, we start by assessing your protection needs.  We specialize in alarm systems that are customized for you.  We do not do "cookie-cutter" alarm installations that may not address your home and family's specific needs.

Ask our qualified technicians about:

Hard-wired systems

Perfect for new construction and homes where there is space to run wiring in the attic or crawlspace.

Wireless systems

Ideal for homes with high ceilings or little space for wiring.  Wireless can include remote access devices for arming and disarming your alarm, hand-held control pads and panic buttons, automatic paging of activation/deactivation of your alarm system, the ability to turn on lights and air conditioning systems remotely.

Combination systems

We can combine hard-wired and wireless technologies to incorporate the advantages of both types of systems.

Wire your home for a home computer network

These days, most families have multiple computer users but don't necessarily want the expense and space requirements that come with owning multiple computers and printers. Now, you can wire your home just like your office for a home computer network.  Make it easy to share printers or work in whichever room of your home you desire.  For a lot less money than you might expect!

24 Hour monitoring at the Alarm Plus UL list Central Station and Service Center

Monitored smoke and heat protection 

Your home is monitored for smoke and heat, even if your alarm system is not activated.  If either are detected, our 24 hour monitoring station will notify the Fire Department immediately.  Smoke and heat protection may qualify you for an even larger discount on your homeowner's insurance.

Competitive pricing

You may be surprised to know that an Alarm Plus CUSTOM alarm system may be no more expensive than one of the "packaged" options offered by other alarm companies.  

Top Quality Service

Our exceptional service is the "plus" with Alarm Plus.  We will install a top-quality alarm system for your home and we will respond quickly should you have difficulty with your alarm system.   


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